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Transition Play is a talent development and talent placement firm, with a focus on connecting world-class, transition-ready Athlete Professionals to employment, advisory, and governing board opportunities in companies, social impact organizations, and civic institutions. 





Diversity Gap

As research by McKinsey, Morgan Stanley, and Bridgespan attests, America is struggling to close the diversity gap that exists in business, social impact, and civic leadership.

Still too few women and people of color are in positions of leadership, have access to capital, or even enjoy stable, productive employment.

Beyond its social justice implications, this diversity gap is a massive missed opportunity. The same researchers make the point that there is a strong business case for diversity.

They argue that companies, organizations, and institutions with greater gender and ethnic diversity tend to outperform less diverse peers on profitability and impact metrics.


Power of Athletes

For companies, organizations, and institutions seeking to harness the diversity dividend, sport is a great place to find the diverse talent they need.

Sport is an incredibly powerful developmental crucible where athletes can build up incomparable quotients of confidence, competency, creativity, collaboration, and competitiveness. When they do so, athletes can rise to unfathomable heights of exceptional performance and extraordinary impact.

The good news for the world is that these sports-honed attributes are highly-transferable into life beyond the game. Which explains why 94% of C-suite women are former athletes, and why former athletes are the most sought-after professionals at all levels.


Unlocking the Dividend

Transition Play bridges the gap between (i) the world-class, diverse, and transferable talent pool of professionals that exists in sport, and (ii) the corporate, social, and civic organizations in need of a diversity dividend.

Our program helps Athlete Professionals unleash their potential to achieve exceptional performance and extraordinary impact. We then connect these Athlete Professionals to opportunities in companies, social impact organizations, and civic institutions where they can bring value.

As they exercise their sport-honed transferable skills beyond the game, our Athlete Professionals not only help organizations unlock the diversity dividend. They also create pathways for other highly-talented diverse professionals to follow. 


who we are

Our Leadership

Alana Beard

Chief Executive Officer

Alana is an innovator with leadership experience in venture capital, property technology, talent development, sports and entertainment, and youth development. She recently retired from basketball as a WNBA champion and two-time defensive player of the year with the LA Sparks.

Mubuso Zamchiya

Chief Learning Officer

Mubuso is an education and leadership development professional working in many contexts at the intersect between learning and living. He draws energy and inspiration from helping young children discover learning and adults discover their voice and agency as leaders and changemakers.

For Companies

We help companies solve the diversity gap and benefit from the diversity dividend through access to creative, competent, and competitive, work-ready professionals.

For Social Impact

We connect philanthropic institutions and social impact organizations to women of color social changemakers, who can solve problems and meet needs in communities acros the world.

For Civic Society

We position women of color to harness their power and agency to drive a culture shift in the way girls and women experience opportunity at local, state, and national levels.

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